Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Media Meg

The other night Megan got in trouble with Dad. The result was a painful behind. A few minutes later, after saying bedtime prayers with her ...

Megan: Dad hates me.

Me: No he doesn't.

Megan: Yes he does.

Me: You've accused me of hating you several times, and it's never been true.

Megan: You're the only one who doesn't hate me.

Me: Megan, just because you get punished for doing something bad, doesn't mean your parent hates you. And until you have kids of your own, you won't understand that it's impossible for a parent to hate their child.

Megan: Oh yeah? CASEY ANTHONY!!

Okay, really?? I did not see that one coming AT ALL. And we don't even have Court TV!! But obviously there was more than enough coverage of that trial for Megan to take note that a mom was on trial for killing her child. Lovely.

Me: They didn't prove that she hated or killed her daughter. Good night. I love you.

Megan: Love you. See you in the morning. Good night. Oh, and can you tell Dad that I'm ready for him to pray with me?

Me: You bet.

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