Monday, July 25, 2011

I'll Have What She's Having

Megan loves fake nails. I have mentioned this before.

This past Saturday she scrounged around and found 10 fake nails to apply to her own. She had 6 zebra nails and 4 french-manicured nails. Rather than be embarrassed that they didn't match, she showed them off to me as a fashion statement. (No surprise there.)

Within an hour we were off to find a bridal shower gift, and Megan was already wanting the fake nails off.

In the car she managed to remove all but 4 nails. Then in the first store she got 3 more off, but the last one was proving to be extremely stubborn. She worked on it some more on the way to the second store. Once inside, and while Amanda and I browsed different items, Meg kept picking at the last nail.

We finally found something to purchase and got in line to check out.

While we were standing there I heard Megan start chanting in low tones ...

"Yes. Yes. Yes."

I looked down to see that the final nail was finally breaking free. The more it gave way, the louder her chant ...

"Yes. Yes! Yes!! YES!! YES!! YES!! YES!!!! YES!!!!"

I was immediately reminded of Meg Ryan in the deli scene from When Harry Met Sally, and apparently so was everyone else around us because they all kept looking over at my Meg with eyebrows raised.

As embarrassed as I was, I couldn't help but laugh. Megan wanted to know what was so funny, and of course I just said, "Nothing."