Friday, July 1, 2011

The Olden Days

Amanda: Mom, I keep getting mixed up on which one is the Living Room and which one is the Family Room.

Me: Yeah, it's confusing.

Amanda: I call the room with the big TV the Living Room.

Me: Funny, that's the one I consider to be the Family Room.

Amanda: Dad calls it the Living Room.

Me: I know. In my mind, the front room is the Living Room.

Amanda: I thought we called that the Office?

Me: Well we do (because there's a desk in the corner), but when I was growing up, the front room with the nicer furniture was always called the Living Room, and the one with the comfortable furniture and TV was the Family Room.

Amanda: Isn't the Living Room the same thing that people called Parlors in the olden days? And by 'Olden Days', I mean the 70's.

Me: Thank you so much for clarifying that.

Perhaps she meant the 1870's?

1 comment:

  1. I think the one that the "family" hangs out in is the "family" room.
    Not sure what people do in the "living" room...