Monday, January 28, 2013

H + T = ?

I have a friend named Hope. She's the kind of person that brings out the happy in people. :)

This past weekend I had the pleasure of helping her get settled into her new home, while our hubbies installed the surround sound system. It was one of those weekends where by the end of it you're exhausted yet energized at the same time because it was just so much fun being together!!

Maybe a little too fun ...

Amanda: Dad, you know that place called Sew-N-Sew?

Henry: No.

Me: It's where Roger gets his alterations done.

Amanda: Well today we saw a car with a license plate that said Sew + Sew.

Henry: Hmm.

Amanda: I didn't know you could have a plus sign on a license plate.

Henry: Maybe you could have a plus sign, or a minus sign, or a greater than or less than sign.

Girls laugh.

Amanda: Maybe you should get one that says: H + T = L ...

Megan interrupts and asks:  H + T? You mean 'Hope + Tami'?

Amanda:  No.  'HENRY + Tami = Love'

Megan:  No. 'HOPE + Tami = BFF'

Henry: No. 'Hope + Tami = L O U D'

VERY funny, husband. 

And for the record, I'd just like to say that the downstairs floor of Hope's new home is all tile without any area rugs yet, so our laughter was somewhat amplified beyond our control. I'm not saying we didn't enjoy the sound of our own voices, but still, we weren't THAT loud. Right Hope? ;)

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