Wednesday, January 30, 2013

She's a TWEEN

I officially have an almost-teenager. Check out her latest demonstration of indifference:

Meg went to a friend's house after school Monday. That left Amanda and I to fend for ourselves until A) Meg returned home, or B) I left for an evening meeting at school.

The time was growing closer for me to leave, so it was looking like I'd be on my way before Meg showed up. I made a quick pit stop first, then addressed Amanda's couch potato state before heading out ...

Me:  Okay, Meg should be here any minute so make SURE you don't put your ear buds in, because you need to be able to hear her knock at the door. Wait, we're talking about Megan, so you need to be able to hear her 100 door bell rings when she arrives.

Then right on cue, the door bell began to ring incessantly. 

Me:  Wow, did I call that or what?

Amanda:  Mom, she's been ringing it for a while now.

Me:  And you just sat there not answering it?!

Amanda:  I thought YOU were gonna' get it.


Amanda shrugged and went back to her electronic game, still completely unconcerned that Megan remained outside in the cold ringing the doorbell forever and a day.

Why, yes, as a matter of fact, she IS 12 years old. 

Lord, help me.

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