Saturday, January 5, 2013

Don't Bother Arguing with Meg

Amanda and Megan are on the same basketball team. The reason for this is that we didn't have enough 5th and 6th grade girls go out for basketball, so the coach opened it up to some 4th grade girls who were hanging out at the practices anyway, waiting for their older sisters to finish.  This arrangement works out GREAT for us, because the girls are on the same practice/game schedule. Yay!!

Our games are played at a Catholic school in town, and on that campus is housing for staff of the church and school.  At least, I think that's who lives there.

Anyway, today as we were driving in, we saw many young kids playing outside one of the houses ...

Henry:  Looks like a celebration's going on.

Megan:  Well, they're Chinese, so it's probably Hanukkah. 

Me:  Uh ...

Henry:  Well, they're HMONG, not Jewish, so I doubt it's Hanukkah.

Megan:  Whatever. It's Hanukkah.

Case closed.   The end.   Buh-bye.

Oh, and the girls won their game by 1 point.  So Happy Hanukkah indeed!!

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