Thursday, January 31, 2013

French Fries

Last Sunday the girls had a basketball tournament. They barely had enough time to eat and change into their uniforms in between church and the first game.

That was all the excuse I needed to get them fast food for lunch.

Okay, so here's what smells good in a car:  French fries while you're eating them.

Here's what doesn't smell good in a car:  French fries 3 days after you've eaten them.

So every day after the Sunday tournament I kept smelling french fries in the car, and it was driving me CRAZY. Usually that smell only lasts a few hours, but this time it was determined to stick around.

What made it worse was that I kept forgetting to check the backseat, before driving off, for that lone fry that I knew must have been dropped and smashed, so while sitting at stoplights I'd crane my neck to try and locate the offending potato. Nothing!!

Finally, on the 3rd day ...

Me:  Ugh!! WHY does it STILL smell like FRENCH FRIES in here?!? 

No response.

Me:  Megan, is there a french fry back there on the floor or something?

Megan:  Yeah.

Me:  Can you hand it to me please?

Megan:  Yeah.

She then proceeded to hand me not 1 french fry, but an entire SERVING of french fries that had been stashed in the little pouch on the back of my front seat!!! 


If this happens again, I may have to threaten them with my cooking.

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