Sunday, January 27, 2013

Basketball or Boxing?

Amanda and Megan's basketball season is officially over. It was fun seeing their confidence build as the season progressed. By the final game, I was actually shocked to see just how aggressive Amanda had become while playing. I wish, oh how I wish, I had taken a picture of her "game face" while on defense. YIKES!!

Me:  Your expression while playing defense was SCARY today.

Amanda:  Yeah, and I told that one girl, 'Do NOT push me.'

Me:  You did? Just like that?! (It was a very intimidating voice.)

Amanda: Yeah.

Me:  Wow.

Amanda:  And I love hitting people.

Me:  Uh, you're not supposed to do that.

Amanda:  It's not a FOUL. It's being AWESOME.

Good grief. Who IS she?!?!  

Looks like basketball ended JUST IN TIME.

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