Wednesday, September 12, 2012


Megan:  Mom, look at ma thongue.

Me:  What is that on there? A grape?

Megan:  Yeth, ith ma thongue cover.

Me:  Mmm kay.

Megan:  Take a picthure and put it on your blog.

Me:  Nah. That's not that funny.

Megan:  Awww.

Me:  Now what IS funny, is that fart obsession video that you said I COULDN'T put on my blog.  Can I put THAT on there instead?

Megan:  Okay.

So here it is. I laugh 'till I cry every time. Keep any eye on her face and how serious she is once she gets going (of course that changes to sheer glee {and dancing} later on.) 

I swear she's gonna' have boys lined up around the block with skills like this.

Oh ... and just because she gave me permission to post it, does NOT mean you should tell her that you saw it. Capiche?