Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Holy Water

Our school  is located on church property.

After school the girls have some time to kill before I'm ready to leave work for the day. Usually anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour. 

Just enough time to get into mischief.

Earlier this week, Meg was hanging out with a friend, and at some point Amanda let me know that Meg had been playing in the Prayer Garden.

Yeah, probably not the most appropriate place to play.

When she made it back up to my office ...

Me:  Were you in the Prayer Garden?

Megan:  Yeah! We got money!!

Me:  Out of the fountain?!

Megan:  Yeah, that's why I'm wet.  Do I smell holy?

Me after taking a whiff:  No, actually, you smell like chlorine.

Megan completely dejected:  Oh.

Okay, and I'm just now realizing that I didn't even address the whole stealing money out of a fountain, in a PRAYER garden, ON CHURCH PROPERTY thing!! Hello??!?!?!??

I guess I was too amused that she wanted to know if she smelled "holy", that I forgot the whole parenting part of my life. I mean, that's funny, right? And what does "holy" even smell like anyway?

I know, I know ... I gotta' talk to her.  'Cause what's next? Taking a little something for herself as the offering bag is passed her way? 

Don't worry. I'm on it.

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