Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Subtle Influences

Meg has glasses now. She's wanted glasses for a very long time. So much so that I bought her a pair of accessory glasses from Claire's a couple of birthdays ago.

When she finally had her first official eye exam over Christmas break, I didn't think much of it. I mean, I've had many visits to my eye doctor and so it all seemed rather routine to me. It never dawned on me what kind of impression it was making on Meg.

Now I should back up a little and tell those of you who aren't Facebook friends of mine, that not only has Meg always wanted glasses, but she's always wanted sparkly high heels. And by high heels, I mean CRAZY HIGH heels.

For Christmas, Meg got her heels (which she is ONLY allowed to wear around the house), and she couldn't have been more thrilled!  In fact, in her prayer that night, she thanked Jesus for a "High Heel Christmas!"

THEN, a couple weeks later, she got her first real pair of glasses!! Could life GET any BETTER?!

Okay, so as I was saying before ... the eye exam was as routine as routine can be. Of course it was all NEW to MEGAN.

Later that night she came over to my husband and I while we were sitting on the couch, and while wearing only one of her insanely high heeled shoes she kept alternating her weight from one bare foot to the other high heeled foot and asking ... 

Meg:  Better one? Or better two? Better one? Better two? One? Two?
Me:  Someone had their first eye exam today. :)

Henry:  Obviously.

Love her.

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