Saturday, March 9, 2013

Costco Sean

We made a quick trip to Costco tonight, just in time to shop and grab dinner before they closed. 

This is the Grimmius Costco Dinner Routine:  

1) Get in the checkout lane and give Henry our dinner order.

2) Amanda stays with Henry while Megan and I go try to snag a table.

3) Henry and Amanda park the cart and get in line for our food while Meg and I relax after our stressful table securing.

4) Henry and Amanda deliver the food. We pray. We eat. Yay!!

So tonight Meg and I spotted a vacant table next to a cute little Hispanic boy who was also saving a spot for his family. If you watch Modern Family, he was every bit Manny.

As I started to clean up the trash that the people before us left behind (why do people do that?! Clean up after yourselves, geez!), a conversation began with the cute little boy ...

Boy:  Would you like me to throw that away for you?

Me:  That would be WONDERFUL, THANK YOU!!

Upon his return ...

Boy:  What's your name?

Me:  Tami.

Boy:  What's her name?

Me:  Megan, what's your name?

Boy:  Sean.

Me:  What grade are you in Sean?

Sean:  4th.

Me:  Oh! So is Megan!

Right then his oh so cute little sister came and joined him, sitting across from me in the seat we'd saved for Henry.

Me to Sean:  Are you saving seats for your mom and dad?

Sean:  Just our mom.  We don't have a dad anymore.

Sister:  Our daddy ran away.

Me:  Oh, I'm sorry. 

Sister nodded her head sadly.

Me:  What's your name?

Sister:  Lana.

Me:  Hi Lana.  Would it be alright with you if her daddy sat there?

Sean:  Yeah Lana,  scoot over.

Me:  Thank you, Lana. What grade are you in?

Lana:  Firtht.

Me:  I should have known that by your missing front teeth.

Sean:  How do you pronounce your name again?

Me:  Tami.

Sean:  Tami, are you always that fancy?

Me:  Am I fancy?

Sean:  Mmm hmm.

I didn't think I was dressed up, but I guess my earrings and watch were a little bling-y.

Me:  No, not always.

Then Sean and Lana's mom arrived.

Me: Your kids are darling, and Sean is very helpful. He offered to clear our table for us.

Mom smiled:  Oh, yes well, they're too friendly.

Me:  Maybe so.

When they left, Sean called out, "Bye Tami!"  I said goodbye to Sean and Lana, and their mom, marveling at what a wonderful job she has done raising those sweet kids all on her own.

You see, my daddy ran away when I was young too.

My girls have no idea how blessed they are. 

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