Monday, February 6, 2012

Profound Parenting

There are days that I just don't feel like parenting. Okay, MOST days I just don't feel like parenting, and it's on those days that I allow things to slide. Yesterday was one of those days ...

It was about 50 degrees when the girls and I left the house for church, but when I saw Megan walk out the door wearing flip-flops, I just looked the other way.

And when we were waiting for the communion elements to be passed out at the end of the service, and I looked next to me to see Megan pickin' at her bare toes, I just smiled like it was perfectly normal, reverent and sanitary.

Then later when we were in Henry's office and I saw Amanda looking longingly at the donut she'd thrown in the trash before the service,
I heard ...

It's okay, you can still eat it. It's not touching anything gross.

Megan: The gum you spit out is on top of it.

Me: Well, yeah, but ...

Don't eat it Amanda! It has mom's slobbery gum on it!

Amanda: There's no slobber.

Me: Yeah, Megan. My gum doesn't have slobber on it.

Amanda: I'm eating it.

Me: You should.

And she did!! My daughter ate a donut OUT OF THE TRASH, because I encouraged her to!!

That Mother of the Year award is mine for the taking. I can feel it.

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