Monday, February 13, 2012

Sister Wars: Below the Belt

Last week were parent/teacher conferences at our school. That meant everyday was a half day. And THAT meant that everyday, except for one, the girls had to hang out for 4 hours while I worked. And of course, no matter how many movies, games or popcorn was on hand, they always seemed to find something to fight about.

Case in point ... one afternoon I came back to my desk to find this note from Amanda:

So this is like really bad, right? I mean, punching your sister in the privates? REALLY!? And yet all I could do when I saw it was laugh.

Maybe it was the "No Joke!!!!" part that got to me ... you know, like when you're in church and know you're not supposed to laugh, but something just strikes you funny, which makes it virtually impossible not to laugh? Yeah, kinda' like that.