Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Mom = No Privacy

I know I've written about this before, but I'm still amazed every time one of my kids barges in on me while I'm in the bathroom eliminating. Why they can't just talk to me outside the bathroom door, or better yet, wait until I'm finished, is beyond me.

A few days ago it happened again ...

Megan: Mom!!

Me once again wishing I could just poop in peace, but our bathroom door doesn't lock: Don't come in here!

Megan completely disregarding my request: Oooh, it stinks in here!!

Me: Serves you right for walkin' in on me.

Megan: Are you done?

Me: Does it smell like I'm done?

Megan: Nope.

So she left, but because of her abrupt intrusion, I was no longer in a relaxed state, and therefore could not continue with the business at hand. So it turns out I was done after all.

Honestly ... will the sacrifices never end?

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