Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Now that the summer weather is actually hot, the girls are all about swimming, swimming and more swimming.

This past Saturday they swam all afternoon.

During dinner, they began asking if they could go for a night swim. I told them "no", because they had to get to bed early in order to be up on time for church.

Megan: What if we only swam for 20 minutes?

Me: No.

Megan: 19 minutes?

Me: Megan. You're not going swimming tonight.

Megan: Why not?

Me: I already told you ... you need to get to bed early tonight, because we're getting up early tomorrow.

Amanda: What if we go skinny dipping?

Me: You really think I'd let you swim ... as long as you go skinny dipping?!

Megan: Okay!!!

Me: NO!!


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