Monday, June 6, 2011


The girls were in rare form Saturday night. Megan had tucked her dress into her leggings and was walking around saying she was a "Nern".

Me: A what?

Megan: A Nern.

Me: What's a Nern?

Amanda: It's a Nerd with a Nun's religion.

Me: Wow.

Megan: Are you gonna' put this on your blooooooggg?

Me: Only if you let me take a picture of you in your Nern outfit.

Megan: Okay!!

Later she brought in a napkin she had written on so I could see the correct way to spell Nern (I guess so I would spell it correctly on my bloooooggg? Though I don't know how to add the nerd glasses to the R like she did.)

At bedtime Megan informed me that her camel (Amanda) carries her everywhere, because as a Nernnnn, her feet can never touch the ground.

Megan: Oh, and Mom?

Me: Yeah?

Megan: My camel only speaks "cow".

Me: Amanda, did you know that you only speak "cow"?

Amanda laughing: No.

Megan: Well, you can actually talk normal, but you can only hear "cow".

Makes sense to me.

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