Monday, May 21, 2012

Tooth Fairy FAIL

Yesterday Amanda informed me that her tooth had come out.  But that wasn't the big news.  The BIG news was that for the first time in her 11+ years, she was actually going to put the tooth under her pillow for the Tooth Fairy! (Yes, she knows it's me.)  Up until now, she's been holding out. 

Amanda:  So I'm going to put this under my pillow.

Me:  Okay, but do the Tooth Fairy a favor and make it easy to get to.

Amanda:  How about if I put it in this little pink box?

Me:  Perfect.

The next morning,  while I'm blow-drying my hair, she comes into the bathroom shaking a pink box in my face.

Me:  Knock it off, Amanda. What is your deal?!

She just kept shaking it in my face.

And then I got it.  The TOOTH!!!  I completely forgot to cash out her tooth. Ugh!!!

Me:  Oh Amanda, I'm so sorry.

Amanda:  That's okay.  Tonight I'm going to put TWO teeth under my pillow.

Me:  Got it.

Apparently I've got a gambler on my hands. Double or nothing, I guess, huh?

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