Monday, May 7, 2012

Dental Don't

Megan has a loose tooth.  It was loose when she went for her dental check-up 4 weeks ago.  After her check-up, the dentist suggested we call to schedule the extraction of the loose tooth if it didn't come out within 2 weeks.  I thought to myself, That seems a little silly. I'm sure it will fall out when it's ready ... just like all of her other baby teeth did. Hello?!

Several days later, I received a letter from the dentist, informing us that the cost for extracting her already loose baby tooth would be ... are you even ready for this? ONE HUNDRED AND SIX DOLLARS!!!

Yeah. Thanks, but NO thanks.


  1. shoot. let me drive down and pull it out and you can pay me $160!

  2. Or ... I could pay MYSELF $160!