Thursday, April 18, 2013

Great minds think alike ... unfortunately.

This morning we were running late (shocker!)

Meg was the last one in the car, and as soon as we'd backed out of the driveway, she realized she'd carried shoes with her, but no socks. (She blamed this on her dad, by the way, because he rushed her by saying, "See you in the car, Meg.")

So back in the driveway we go.

About halfway to school, she started complaining that she needed a white tank top under the t-shirt she'd worn.  Just a rough morning all around. Henry said he could go home later and bring back the desired white tank top. Father of the Year candidate ... even though his main motivation, I found out later, was to retrieve his cell phone that he'd left behind. :)

About an hour later, I got a text from Henry saying that he couldn't find any white tank tops. 

What I did next, I'm not proud of, but in the spirit of "keeping it real", I'll admit to texting back that he might want to look in the hamper. As in the dirty clothes hamper. I KNOW!! But what else is a working mom supposed to do?!

He brought back one clean pink tank top, and one unclean white tank top.

When Meg came up from recess to retrieve her undergarment ...

Me:  Dad couldn't find any clean white tank tops in your drawer ...

Meg: Did you tell him to ...

Me:  Look in the hamper? Yes, I did. And that's where he found this one.

Meg smiling:  Yeah, that's what I would have told him.

"Train a child in the way they should go, and when they are old ... they'll dig through the hamper instead of wearing something clean."  

Kinda reminds me of my post about recycled banana muffins. Poor kids.

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