Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Babysitting Bribery

We've reached that stage in our parenting where the oldest child can "babysit" the youngest child.

It's also the stage where we get multiple phone calls and texts from the youngest child reporting how mean the oldest child is being to her while we're away.


The first time we decided to leave them alone for a couple of hours in the evening, I came up with a bribe that I thought was pretty good. So good, that I blurted it out to the girls before mentioning it to my husband. 

Me:  Okay, Dad & I are going to Uncle Roger's for dinner Friday night, and when we return, IF you are both alive and HAPPY ...

Amanda:  Yeah?

Me:  You'll each get $10.

Amanda & Meg:  YES!!!

So much for saving money on babysitting.

That Friday afternoon, Meg came into my office after school telling me that she'd been invited to spend the night at a friend's house ...

Meg:  So can I spend the night?

Me:  Sure, that's fine.

Meg:  Aaaand do I still get the $10?

Me:  That would be a NO.

Meg:  UGH!!!


Then Amanda came into my office ...

Me:  Well, Meg went home with her friend to spend the night.

Amanda initially happy, until the horrific realization hit her:  WAIT!! That means I don't get the $10, doesn't it?!

Me:  That would be a YES.

Amanda:  UGH!!!

Like the saying goes: 

Life's a b.... bummer, and then you die.

Or something like that.

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