Monday, March 3, 2014

Mom Parenting vs. Dad Parenting

We received an email from Megan's elementary P.E. teacher.  In it she requested that kids wear tennis shoes for the entire month of March, because she'll be preparing and testing them for physical fitness.

Makes sense to me.

Henry broke the news to Megan last night, who prefers to wear combat boots or cowboy boots every day.

This morning Meg was NOT feeling the tennis shoe vibe ...

Meg:  Why do I have to wear tennis shoes?!

Me:  Because you're doing physical fitness testing, and you'll do better if you wear them. Especially when you run and stuff.

Meg:  I wear my boots all the time for P.E. and it's FINE.

Me:  Your teacher has asked that you wear them, so I think you should wear them. Besides, you only have P.E. on Mondays and Fridays, right? So you can wear your boots the rest of the week. NOT a big deal.

Meg:  Well I don't want to.

Me because it's MORNING, and I don't like to TALK let alone PARENT in the MORNING: FINE. DO WHAT YOU WANT. I REALLY DON'T CARE.

So she leaves, I finish getting ready and head out to the kitchen to grab breakfast.

The next thing I know, in walks Meg WEARING TENNIS SHOES.

Me:  Uh ... what's the deal? I thought you weren't gonna wear those.

Meg:  Oh, well, Dad just told me that they're lighter than my boots, so I should wear them for physical fitness testing.

Me:  That's it?

Meg:  What?

Me:  Nothing.

OH. MY WORD.  Can you EVEN?

Seriously. I give up. He officially gets to be THE parent from now on.

Well, for SURE in the morning.

No .. all the time. ALL OF THE TIMES. HE IS THE PARENT.

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