Thursday, February 20, 2014

The Good Old Days

So, this post comes from my long list of drafts. Every once in a while, I look through them to see if I'm in the mood to tweak any enough to publish. I was about to give up when I saw that, to date, I've posted 666 blog entries!! That number was all the motivation I needed to get to work.  So while this post is far from hilarious or riveting, it still gets me to #667!! Can I get an AMEN?!

The other day Meg was over by the fridge, and I was at the kitchen sink ...

Meg:  Where did you get this koala magnet?

Me:  Australia.

Meg:  When did YOU go to AUSTRALIA?

Me:  Back when we used to do stuff. You know, before you girls were born.

There are a LOT of things I did before my girls were born. Sleep, for one thing. I also thoroughly cleaned the house WEEKLY. And by "cleaned", I don't just mean "pick up". I actually mean: dust, vacuum, sanitize, and all those other glorious words!

Yes, I know, our current exhausting, chaotic and messy existence is only for a season. I just hope I don't forget to have fun in between my mental breakdowns.

It's funny ... every time I look at this koala with the sweet smirk on his face, it's almost like he was trying to tell me way back in 1999 that while Australia was AMAZING, the biggest adventure of our lives was still yet to come!

So to all of my fellow parents out there, may I just say: Good on ya, Mates. :)


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