Thursday, May 2, 2013

Friends with BROTHERS

While my friend is on a 3-day school trip with her son, we have the pleasure of having her daughter Hannah stay with us!

Here's all you need to know about Hannah: She has an older brother.

Now MY girls LOVE hanging out with Hannah, and I think a big reason for that is because her interests are so diverse, and a lot of THAT (I think) has to do with her growing up with a brother. I mean, all my two have ever known are tea parties, hair bows and Barbies.

Now granted, somehow, my girls learned how master armpit farting, but for the most part, I like to believe we're raising our girls to be feminine. We're certainly TRYING anyway.

This morning over breakfast, after Hannah had been dropped off at the ungodly hour of OH!! SIX-HUNDRED-HOURS, and mom and brother had driven on their way, Megan spied a package of salted peanuts that had been left at our house the night before when Hannah, her brother and mom had been here hanging out ...

Meg: Someone left their nuts here (girls giggle).

Hannah: Well they're not MINE (more giggling).

Me CLEARLY not thinking before speaking: Are they your brother's?

Hannah: Uh NO. HIS are in the CAR.

And that would be when ALL of us "LADIES" laughed our heads off.

I know. SUCH JUNIOR HIGH BOY BEHAVIOR!! And maybe you had to have been there, but it was super funny to all us sleep-deprived girls.

Later, I texted Hannah's mom the entire conversation, and requested permission to blog about it. For better or worse ... permission was granted. 

Here's a photo Hannah's mom texted me last year when Meg went home with them after school one day. She prefaced it by saying, "MY daughter is adding 'spice' to YOUR daughter's life!! Are we still friends?!"

Meg & Han ...

Buds to the Bone.

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