Saturday, May 11, 2013

When Your Daughter Witnesses Abuse

Meg accompanied me to the grocery store today.  As we were exiting the store and heading to our car, we both heard screams. Like someone was being hurt.

Meg:  Did you hear that?

Me:  I did. I wonder where it's coming from?

As we listened harder, I started to wonder if it really was a woman being hurt or if it was kids in a swimming pool nearby. You'd be amazed how many times I've wondered if I should call the police after hearing screams, only to hear a huge splash right after into a neighbor's pool.

As we approached our car, Meg said, "Look! Over there! That girl just fell out of that car and that guy threw all her stuff out on the ground. See? She's trying to pick it up."

I could see the scene she was referring to about 100 yards away. As we stared, straining to see if the girl was okay, we heard the guy yell, "Stop staring! Everyone has their problems!"

Oh boy.

By then our groceries were loaded, and Meg got in the car while I returned the cart to the holding area. The whole time I'm thinking I should call the police or something. It was then that another woman came to return her cart as well ...

Woman:  Did you hear that?

Me:  I did, and I'm wondering if that girl needs help.

Woman: I was wondering the same thing. Oh wait, she's getting back in the car and leaving with him!!

Me:  No way.

Woman:  Well, I guess all we can do now is pray for her.

Me:  Amen. For her safety and that she gets OUT of that relationship.

As I got into our car, Meg wanted to know what I was talking to that lady about.

Me:  We were talking about whether or not that girl needed our help, but then she got back in the car and left with that guy.

Meg:  That might give me nightmares tonight.

Me:  I pray you NEVER find yourself in a relationship like that, Megan. NO ONE deserves to be treated like that.

Meg:  Mom. I'm gonna be a NUN, remember? 

Me:  Oh yeah, that's right.

And after what I witnessed today, I couldn't be more thrilled with her choice.  And we're not even Catholic.

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