Monday, February 11, 2013

Hair Clips!!

If your kids are like ours, they leave stuff lying around. Everywhere.

And if you parent like we parent, you tolerate it for a long time. Then one day, enough is enough, and everything goes into the trash!

Anyone relating to this?

Well tonight while I was in the kitchen rinsing some dishes, my husband was trying to get the girls to bed, and apparently the subject of hair clips came up. Specifically, hair clips that constantly get left around the house and are therefore never where they're supposed to be in the morning when we're rushing around, trying to get out the door.

Side note: Meg has always had an affinity for hair clips. See photo below of her at age 3 when she styled her own hair with 7 such clips. It's one of my all time favorites!

From what Meg told me at bedtime, dad had had it and thrown them in the trash.


So before I could utter a word about the whole clip catastrophe ...

Meg crying:  Dad took like TEN clips and THREW them AWAY! And they were the GOOD ones that actually WORK and HOLD my HAIR! And then he said, 'And don't go telling your mom that you need clips and ask her to go to the store to buy some.' Which I NEVER do ... but seriously mom, we need some.

Oh my WORD. That kid makes me laugh at THE most INAPPROPRIATE times!! 

Anyway, she told me later that he told her he didn't throw them away, but hid them and let her know that she'd have to buy them back. My guess is by doing chores.

Ah parenthood. It can get down right hairy sometimes. 


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