Tuesday, June 12, 2012

2 Steps Forward

Amanda has been begging me to help her clean her room, so she and I spent the last 3 afternoon/evenings working on it.  The goal (besides a clean room) is to rearrange her furniture and try to make her room feel more like the 6th grader she is (Lord, help me!), rather than the 1st grader she was when we moved into this house.

Well, as of last night, we were about 90% there. The floor was almost completely clear, except for under the bed (shocker). 

Today we tackled the under bed "dumpster" and I have to say, I was feeling pretty great.

Then it happened. 

She asked where I'd put all of her stuffed animals last year when we tried to create a space for a "reading corner" in her room.

I said, "They're in the garage in 2 big black garbage bags."


Within 5 minutes, the 2 steps forward became 57 steps back:

I give up. No really. 

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