Monday, April 2, 2012

The Smell of Sick

Last week Amanda got the stomach flu, and it was horrific. As much as I dislike vomiting, I would have gladly taken her place, because she was in such pain and I hate it when I can't help my child get comfortable. :(

That night I decided to have her sleep with me so that I could assist her each time she heaved, without having to run to her room every hour. That worked pretty well, as long as you can sleep while vomit fumes fill your nostrils. And apparently I can. After smelling it all evening, I guess I was used to it.

The next afternoon, Henry was able to stay home with her while I went to work. I work at a school, and while I am not employed as the school nurse, the sick bed happens to be in the office where my desk resides. And for the most part, the kids that come lay down there aren't sick with the flu, but rather have a side cramp from running in PE, or don't like math, so they come to the office and after laying down for a few minutes they are good as new.

Anyway, the entire time I was at work, all I could smell was vomit. I didn't know if I was imagining it, because I'd inhaled it so much during the night, or if my daughter's vomit fumes had somehow lodged inside my nose and set up camp. Whatever the case, the stench made for a VERY long afternoon.

Before leaving work, the registrar came over to wish my family health for the coming weekend. I thanked her saying, "As long as I can get the smell of vomit out of my nose, we'll be fine!"

That's when a light went on and she walked over to the sick bed to find the "throw-up bucket" holding a fair amount of ... you guessed it ... VOMIT. That's right. I not only had the pleasure of smelling Amanda's sickness all night/morning, but then got to come into work and smell some other kid's offering all afternoon!!!!

Good times.

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