Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Childbirth vs. Adoption

Why is it so hard to just come right out and tell our kids where babies come from? 

For the longest time my answer was, "Well, sometimes the baby has to be cut out of the mommy's tummy." 

As if being CUT OPEN WITH A KNIFE sounds BETTER to a child than natural childbirth!! 


A couple weeks ago  ...

Meg:  So where do babies come out? I know down here somewhere, but where exactly? Is it where you pee or where you poo?

Me:  Uh, closer to where you pee, I guess.

Meg:  EW!! I'm NEVER having a baby!! I'm gonna ADOPT.

Me:  Sounds good.

I figured that was the end of it, and started looking forward to having a Chinese grandchild someday.

Then yesterday in the car ...

Meg:  Remember how I said I was gonna adopt because ... you know?

Me:  Yeah?

Meg:  I changed my mind, because I want my baby to look like ME!!

Me:  Sounds good.

Can't say that I blame her. :)

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