Monday, January 13, 2014

The Blister

A few weeks ago, I had an itch on the top of my left foot near the base of my toes. I had socks on, and assuming it was a bug bite or something, I just went to town scratching my little heart out for about 10 seconds. The itch finally subsided, and I went about my business.

Later that evening, I noticed that the same area where I had scratched earlier was extremely sore. "Now what?" I wondered. So I removed my sock to investigate.


What my eyes beheld was dis-GUH-sting. Somehow a blister had developed during the day between two of my toes. REALLY?!

Okay, what to do? WHAT. TO. DO?! 

Do you pop a blister like that to relieve the pressure, or leave it alone in hopes that it just seeps back into your skin?

I wasn't sure, so I googled "blister care", or something like that, and made a very interesting discovery. One of the websites said that there are two main reasons a blister develops on a foot:

1) Poor-fitting shoes. (The shoes I wore that day fit fine.)

2) Scratching an already infected area. (Who knew?!)

So I knew why it developed, but still wasn't sure how to care for it, because several of the websites contradicted each other when it came to blister care. I finally decided to leave it in tact, and just cover it with a bandage containing Neosporin.

Anyone still reading this blog post? Did I lose you with the photo? TMI right? Well there IS a punch line coming, I promise. Gosh ... I'm looking at that blister photo and getting grossed out all over again. I may have crossed the line this time. But hey, now y'all know that I have a freckle on one of my toes, so that's cool, right? And WOW my toes are WRINK-LAY!!! Sheesh!! I got me some old-lady toes!

Alright, back to the blister. After 4-5 days, the blister popped. It didn't hurt, but when I dried the area with a towel after showering, I found it to be VERY sensitive. (Mental note: Only DAB freshly popped blisters with towels, never RUB them, because RUBBING will make you wince big time, as well as scream a little.)

A few weeks after the poppage, the girls and I were sitting at Taco Bell enjoying a lovely carb-filled lunch when Megan starts looking through the photos on my phone. It didn't take long for her to arrive at "The Blister" photo.

Meg:  Eww!! What ever happened to that anyway?

Me:  It popped.

Meg:  Did it hurt?

Me:  Not the popping part, but something I did after that hurt.

Meg:  Did it bleed?

Me:  No.

Meg:  Did it ooze stuff?

Me:  No.

Meg:  Did you suck it?

Okay. Read that again. 

Megan asked if I SUCKED IT!!!!  REALLY?!?!?  All I could do in response was throw my head back and LAUGH MY GUTS OUT.

THIS, sad to say, is EXACTLY the kind of scenario that makes me so happy that I procreated. To know that I had something to do with the world gaining another human with the same twisted sense of humor as myself.

Life is beautiful (and at the moment, blister-free.) 

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