Tuesday, April 1, 2014


I was rockin' my pj's yesterday afternoon by 4:15 p.m.  It's something I do whenever I come home from work and know I'm in for the night. Evenings like that are rare, so I certainly make the most of them when they happen.

It was a stormy night, and I was home alone with my girls when there was a knock at the front door.

I was in the front room, and my girls were in their bedrooms. I thought to myself,  I'm not expecting any visitors, it's dark and rainy outside, and hello? I'M IN MY PAJAMAS. Clearly I was NOT going to answer the door.

Of course that's about the time that the doorbell started ringing, and I heard talking and laughing outside on my doorstep between a male and female.


I peeked out the front blinds to try and catch a glimpse of them as they left (our door has no peephole, just a long glass window on the side of the door, so once you set foot in the entryway, you're pretty much committed to opening it or awkwardly explaining through the door why you won't be opening it.)

The backsides of the door knocking people looked harmless enough as they walked back across our driveway, but I still felt confident in my decision to let their knocks go unanswered, because again, PAJAMAS.

It was then that I got a text from Megan asking if he was gone yet:

Um, wait. She saw him LOOK IN OUR HOUSE?!?!

I headed back to her room and she met me in the hallway. I asked her what she meant by him "looking in our house?" She said that when she came into the entryway, he was looking inside the side window by the door.


But that's not all.


I started for her bedroom door, but she begged me not to go in because he would see me.

I assured her it would be alright, and did so WITHOUT FAINTING or anything scaredy-cattish like that. 

I know. Impressive.

I cracked the door open and slid my hand over to the light switch to turn it off. Then I slowly opened the door until I could see if he was still in our backyard.


For a split second, I freaked out, on the inside. Then my mind began to process what I was seeing:  The man was trying to repair a board in our shared fence that had come down during the storm! And THEN I realized that once he finished the repair, he would be LOCKED in our backyard!! Lovely. I was gonna have to go out there. BLASTED PAJAMAS.

So I threw on my long coat, grabbed an umbrella and went out back ...

Me:  Helloooooo.

Him:  Hi there.

Me:  Sorry about not answering the door earlier, but I was ... in my pajamas, so ... yeah.

Him:  No problem. I fixed the board. Would you mind letting me out? I was afraid I might have to scale the fence.

So I led him out, THROUGH THE HOUSE, thanked him for the repair, and that was that.


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