Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Fire vs. Smoke

I had to go to Walmart for something, and took Megan with me.

While we were waiting in the checkout line, I watched as she looked longingly at all of the impulse shopping items on display. Colored duct tape was a major draw, but then I saw her eye-balling some Bic lighters. 

Megan:  Ooh, if this one didn't have a skull on it, I'd totally get these.

Me:  For WHAT??

Megan:  For the computer.

Me:  What exactly do you think those are?

Megan:  Memory sticks?

Me:  Um, no. Those are LIGHTERS.

Megan:  Oh.  Then I'd use them to light fireworks!!

Me:  Right.

Notice that she didn't say, "Oh. Then I'd use them to light cigarettes."   That's because we don't smoke. That's right. INSTEAD, we (and by "we" I mean "her father") allow her to light FIREWORKS on July 4th ... WITH REAL FIRE.

But we don't smoke. 

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