Monday, September 22, 2014

"Super" Psycho Sisters

I have a sister, so I get it. Still, the behavior of my daughters can be so incredibly RIDICULOUS, that I often find myself just standing with my mouth open in disbelief.

Here's the most recent, fresh-in-my-baffled-mind example from this morning.

I don't know about any of you other parents out there, but there have been times when I've accidentally mixed up some of my girls' folded laundry. Meaning, I've put something of Amanda's in Megan's room and vice versa.

Apparently I did that over the weekend with a Superman t-shirt.

I washed the laundry. I folded the laundry. I distributed the laundry.

Next thing I know, Amanda comes out wearing the Superman t-shirt ...

Amanda: I like this. It fits me better than it does Megan.

Me: Oh, is that not yours?

Amanda: It is NOW, because YOU put it in MY room.

Before I can respond to how absurd her comment is, Megan walks in, takes one look at Amanda, and asks: Why is she wearing MY shirt?!

Me: Because I forgot whose it was and put it in Amanda's room by mistake, sorry.

Megan: Take it off.

Amanda: No.

Megan: TAKE IT OFF!!

Me: We need to leave. She'll wear it tonight, then I'll wash it and give it back to you.

This did NOT make Megan happy, but she somehow managed to be civil for the rest of the evening.

The next morning (which would be TODAY) Megan tells me that she wants to wear the Superman shirt. I tell her that it's not clean, and to wait until I've washed it. She says she doesn't care that it's dirty, and barges into Amanda's room where she grabs it and runs back to her room while Amanda chases her, screaming my name. I tell Amanda to calm down, because it's really Megan's shirt anyway, but that doesn't help.

The girls waste a good 10 minutes yelling at each other, which is perfect because we're already like 15 minutes late, so why not spend a little extra time screaming at each other?

As we're finally ready to walk out the door, I take a look at Megan's shirt, and see that it's NOT the Superman shirt!! ARE YOU EVEN KIDDING ME???

Me: Megan, why aren't you wearing the Superman shirt?

Megan: Because I wanted to wear THIS one.

I so give up.

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