Thursday, August 28, 2014

The PERFECT Comeback

Some people are just plain mean.

I remember praying for my girls when they were little, that they would be kind to others and have the courage to stand up for themselves.

The other day I got a glimpse into how the Lord is answering those prayers.

Amanda wore light purple colored pants to school. She looked so cute, but that afternoon she shared with me a conversation she'd had earlier with a not-so-nice girl that I'll be referring to as "Jo". Shout out to Facts of Life's Nancy McKeon!! xoxo

Me: So how was your day?

Amanda: Good.

Me: That's good.

Amanda: Jo looked at my outfit and said, "WHY are you wearing PURPLE PANTS?!"

Me stunned silence, then finally: What did you say?

Amanda smiling: I said, "Why AREN'T you wearing PURPLE PANTS???"

Me:  Oh my gosh, YES. That is AWESOME!! Seriously. That's like THE most perfect response EVER. What did she say?

Amanda:  She laughed.

How GREAT is THAT?! To come back with a response that not only sticks up for herself, but makes the mean girl LAUGH at HER own LAMENESS?!?! 

SO FANTASTIC. I thank the Lord, that He's given my daughter the confidence to come back with such a witty response, that wasn't mean, yet COMPLETELY DIFFUSED a would be hurtful situation. 

Only my God could be that fabulous.  

I couldn't be more grateful or proud. 

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