Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Sign Language FAIL

The girls memorize a passage of scripture every week for school. Some of them are easier to memorize than others. I have found that it helps to put those more difficult verses to music, so every now and then we make up songs to help the words stick.

Last week Meg had to memorize Luke 2:10-11, and try as I might, no tune would come forth. So we settled for a rap. Even gave it some hand motions. I'll try to describe them so you can really get a visual ...

But the angel said to them, (cupping hands around mouth like a megaphone)

"Do not be afraid (right hand goes up to throat and makes a cutting motion ... kinda' violent, but this is a rap after all)

I give you good news of great joy (arms start at chest and reach out as if giving something)

which will be for all the people (arms sweep out in front, motioning to all the imaginary people)

today in the town of David (head tilts to the left and right hand points down to the ground on the word 'today'. It's quite dramatic, actually.)

a Savior has been born to you (arms go out to make a 'cross' on the word 'Savior'.)

He is Christ the Lord." (right thumb and index finger form an 'L' and travels diagonally from left shoulder down to right hip on the word 'Lord'.)

That last 'L' motion was the only sign language I could remember from my Sunday School days, and I was quite pleased with my incorporation of it until ...

Megan: Mom, it's 'He is Christ the LORD'. Why are you doing the hand motion for 'LOSER' on the word 'LORD'?!

Uh, because I forgot it was 2011 instead of 1975?


  1. Lol!!!! My daughter (tries to) memorize verses for her little church thing on Wednesday nights. We also makes songs out of the verses. But I think we're going to have to try the action thing out now. :-)